Sunday, June 12, 2016

E. J. Copperman, Written Off

E. J. Copperman, Written Off
Crooked Lane, 2016
ISBN 978-1-62953-599-9
Also available as an ebook.

Mid-list mystery author Rachel Goldman has just finished the first draft of her fifth novel featuring missing-persons investigator Duffy Madison.  And then she receives a phone call from a man claiming to be Duffy Madison, a missing persons investigator who is currently working with the Bergen County prosecutors's office.  To say Goldman is skeptical is putting it mildly.  Especially when he claims to have no memories that go further back than 4 years--when Goldman's first book was published. 

They meet and she gets sucked into the investigation of a missing mystery writer (A-list), which leads to the discovery that three other mystery writers, in three states, had all gone missing and then been found dead.  Hmmm.  Nicely constructed and written, and Goldman manages to avoid the TSTL syndrome.  Her assistant (Paula Sessions) contributes by finding some rather strange facts about Madison's past.  And Goldman's father shows up to help her and becomes an integral part of the story. 
While this is not a perfect book (e.g., the name "Remington Steele" kept intruding on my consciousness), it is very well done.  I wonder, however, how easy it's going to be to keep the central theme of the book--"Who is Duffy Madison?"--going for very long.  This one, at any rate, is is well worth your time.

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