Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Roger Zelazny, Jack of Shadows

Roger Zelazny, Jack of Shadows
Chicago Review Press, 2016 reprint of © 1971 original
ISBN 978-1-61373-524-4

A mess.  The story is set on a planet on which one half is turned permanently toward the sun, and the other half is permanently in shadow (I think Asimov has a story like this somewhere).  Jack, our protagonist, is out to achieve something, although we do not learn what until very near the end.  Jack is somewhat reminiscent of Corwin in the Amber books, in that he moves between the shadow and the light, but Jack is, to my mind, a thoroughly unpleasant person.  Also, although magic is invoked, we mostly don't get a sense of it.  Much as I like Zelazny, this was just barely worth my time.

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