Monday, January 25, 2016

Gore Vidal (writing as Cameron Kay), Thieves Fall Out

Gore Vidal (writing as Cameron Kay), Thieves Fall Out
Hard Case Crime, 2015 (reprint of the 1953 edition)
Available as an ebook, but probably not worth the price

"In 1953 he published Thieves Fall Out, written under the pseudonym of Cameron Kay...A paperback publisher brought out the book in 1953, and it quickly faded... Hard Case Crime in New York will bring out a new edition, and it has stirred some backlash…For a start, Gore...didn't want this republished. He was only 28 when he wrote it, and it wasn't much good. .."  More by Jay Parini here:  It's not very good.  A caper story, set in Cairo just after WW2       (There was a real revolution in July 1952, co-led by Nasser, which deposed Faruq, so perhaps this is the one.)  It involves an attempt to smuggle a 4000-year-old necklace out of the country.  And, of course, true love at first sight.  (I got it as an e-book, quite cheaply, and it was not worth the price I paid; in other words, don't waste your money.)

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