Sunday, December 6, 2015

E.J. Copperman, Ghost in the Wind

E.J. Copperman, Ghost in the Wind
Berkley  (2015)

ISBN-10: 0425269272
also available as an ebook

We're back at the Haunted Guesthouse, and the ghost of a dead English rocker (Vance McTiernan) shows up.  His daughter (Vanessa) died about 4 months earlier; he's convinced she was murdered.  And he's heard (through the ghostvine) that help is available.  The resident ghost-sleuth (Paul Harrison) is reluctant to take the job, but Aloison Kirby, who owns the place, and who was in her youth enamored of McTiernan's music, tackles it on her own.

Vanessa had been a member of a local rock band, which she had recently left, and, according to her half-brother, had recently signed a contract for the release of a CD of her songs with a prominent indie label.  She died of an allergic reaction to soy sauce, which was almost certainly either murder or suicide.

As she proceeds with her investigation, Alison keeps encountering a (ghost) woman pulling a wagon, who is looking for Lester...and Alsion takes that on as well.
Alison''s relationship with the local police detective (McElone) is gaining depth, and the regulars (Alison's daughter Melissa, her mother, her (ghost) father, her boyfriend Josh...) are on the scene and contribute to the story in various ways.

I will say there is one scene in the book that I thought was superfluous, although I understand why it's there.

Copperman does a very nice job tyong together the various plot strands, and the conclusion is both surprising and satisfying--including the resolution of Alison's allergy issues.  Worth your time and your money.

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